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GeoWeb Staffing Offers You A Wide Range Of Employment Solutions Tailored To Meet The Demands of A Changing Job Market.
Geoweb Staffing is Committed to Superior Client Services, From Meticulously Reviewing Requirements for Each Position, Carefully Sorting Referral Network Candidates, Rigorously Pre-Screening Each Candidate Prior to Presentation, and Often Offering Clients the First Look at the Most Talented People in the Jobs Marketplace.

The Engineering and Manufacturing Group

In order to recruit the highest quality engineering candidates, Geoweb mobilized its staffing group to prioritize a focus on the engineering disciplines, from civil, mechanical, structural, electrical and the associated skills, such as project engineer, project management, land development, environmental, geotechnical, water recourse, waste water to design, quality control and many others. The same is true for many of the needs for manufacturing clients, including process engineers, packaging, tool design, plant control, quality assurance and many others. As a result, utilizing the proprietary sourcing network has enabled Geowebís team to meet and exceed clientís demands.

Oil, Gas and Energy Group

Again, a demanding marketplace in a number of regions around the country, the oil and gas team is focused on all the needs of the petrochemical industry, from geologists, geophysicists, drilling engineers, pipeline engineers, land services, production supervision, and logistics to service specialists and many more. The same is true for the energy resources sector, such as hydropower, environmental groups and alternative providers, such as nuclear, solar and wind, and many others. The concentration on these markets has provided clients with both the quality and experience they are seeking in candidates.

IT and Technical Group

With the flood of IT workers in the job market today, the IT and Technical group provides an information filter to sort through the hundreds of candidates for each open position. Geoweb is committed to delivering the best possible match in the quickest turn around time possible. Whether itís a traditional software engineer or a specialized embedded programmer to a business development manager with pre-sales skills, Geoweb is proficient in coming up with a custom fit to meet or exceed client requirements.

The Healthcare and Sciences Group

Another fast growing segment in the US marketplace, the healthcare and science group is ideally sited for recruiting RNís, critical and surgical care nurses, lab managers and supervisors, case workers, pharmacists and many others in this area, as well as many of the specialty positions in life and other science-related endeavors. The team track record of success has been established in every region of the country, and again they are committed in sourcing and presenting the best and most qualified talent in the marketplace.

Professional, Financial and Specialty Group

The professional team has broad-based recruiting skills, and can manage me Placements from the executive assistant level to CEO, CFO, COO, accounts and auditors, operations and sales vice-presidents, to marketing, communication and business development managers and many more. Beyond that, client specialty needs are always a challenge, and the team is well equipped to go outside the usual realm of candidates, and meet any unique and one of a kind requirements. As with all areas, the Geoweb teams are able to reach not only the quality being sought by a client, but coming within the pay range specifications for each position.

The Industry-Leading Technology and Proprietary Sourcing Network, a Preeminent Team of Seasoned Recruiters and a Cornerstone Commitment to Superior Client Service Distinguish Geoweb Staffing in the Marketplace!

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